For those who may appreciate the finer points of machine tool technology, the development of the Linear Motor on a machine tool is truly a revolutionary concept. No serious observer would deny the simplicity of the linear motor as it eliminates the ball screw and the inherent backlash, reduces friction and increases acceleration. Despite the fact that the concept of linear motors have been around for decades, it wasn’t until 1999 that Sodick could control a linear motor to the degree necessary on a modern machine tool. The very first machine tool product with linear motors was the Sodick CNC Diesinker which set the stage for Sodick to become the world’s largest producer of EDM equipment. All modern Sodick products use the Sodick developed motion controller known as the K-SMC™ and is designed to optimize the unique characteristics of the linear motor. This article will highlight the key components and compare the performance of Sodick’s Slide Mode design and the conventional PID (Proportional- Integral-Derivative) design.

Sodick America was established in 2000 (San Jose, California). Our sole purpose to make constant improvements to the Sodick motion controllers.

No. However the motion controller boards are manufactured in Sodick ISO certified factories throughout the world.

The Sodick K-SMC™ -SiLink motion controller is capable of 8 axis movement and the K-SMC™ M4Link is capable of 32 axis movement. On machine tools, additional axis movement is helpful when adding peripheral equipment such as robots, pallet changers or a rotary axis.The below video show an example of a multi-axis EDM movement.

The Modern Control Theory such as Sliding Mode and Disturbance Observer as well as PID control.

Yes. Over 30,000 Sodick EDMs and High Speed Mills incorporate Sodick America’s developed motion controller technology.

Yes. Due to high demands for motion controllers in the manufacturing industry, our motion controllers have been applied to a variety of manufacturing, and automation processes.


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