About Us

San Jose, CA the capital of Silicon Valley is home to Sodick America for the last dozen years. Sodick America is one of three groups of Sodick Co., Ltd’s research and development efforts.

In the United States and the Americas the better known Sodick Inc. is responsible for the sales and
support of Sodick products. In 1999 Sodick Co. Ltd. encouraged by the successful introduction of its linear motor servo system, sought out the area and the people to continue the refinement of this technology. Sodick America’s primary mission is to further develop the motion controller and after four generations of the K-SMC™ (Sodick Motion Controller) over 25,000 Sodick machines share this technology. Practically all Sodicks produced since 1999 use linear motors and since that time no other EDM manufacturer has produced as many machines. In 2011 over 28000 Sodick’s were produced in one of four Sodick factories. No doubt the linear motors launched an incredibly successful series of machines all controlled by a version of the


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