K-SMC™ M4Link Motion Controller


Sodick’s K-SMC™ M4Link (4th generation) industrial motion controller utilizes multiple central-processing units to yield the highest level of motion speed and accuracy performance. K-SMC™ M4Link is capable of controlling up to 32 axes and has been designed for Sodick’s linear motor-driven wire EDM, CNC sinker EDMs, CNC small hole EDMs, high speed mills and for 3rd party builders of manufacturing and automation equipment. Thanks to the K-SMC™ M4Link, 32 axes movement capability, Sodick machines can be equipped with auxiliary rotary tables (to produce parts for the energy, and medical industries) and factory automation systems.




  • High Performance Servo Control
    • Sliding Mode by Modern Control Theory, High Servo Performance with Disturbance Observer
  • Compact CNC Controller
    • One Board CNC by COM Express Standard PC
  • Reduced Wiring and High Speed, High Reliable Serial Bus
    • High Reliability Real Time Control  by 1 Gbps Serial Communication and ECC (Error Correcting Code) and CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)



SpecificationsK-SMC™ M4Link
Type of ProductMotion Controller
Number of AxesUp to 32 Axes
Controllable Motor TypeSinusoidal Communication for Synchronous,AC Motor, Pulse Motor, Stepper Motor
Output SignalPWM & DAC & Pulse Train
Number of Encoder ChannelsMaximum 32 Channels
Quadrature Decode of Encoder Inputx1, x2, x4 quadrature decode
Maximum Encoder Count Rate60 MHz (1/2, 1/4, 1/8)
Available Encoder TypeNC-Encoder, Analog Encoder (optional), Endat (optional)
ADC-Input ResolutionUp to 16 bit
PWM FrequencyMaximum 50 kHz
PWM Count FrequencyTypically 120 MHz
DAC ResolutionMaximum 16 bit
Number on DAC Channels32 Channel Digital Output (Requires DAC Board)
Sine-Wave Table Size4096
Processor Type & SpeedSH4A @ 400MHz / COM Express @ 2.26 GHz
ASICPWM-Circuit, Encoder Counter, DAC, I/O, Serial Bus,Current-Loop
Bus InterfacePCI
PCI-Common Memory Size16 MB
Additional CommunicationsRS-232C, H-UDI Port (Hitachi User Debugging Interface: JTAG
Board Structure (see structure diagram)Two Boards

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